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This is a site about The Good News – a message that has impacted your life.  At the height of the Roman Empire the coming of the Good News turned that world on its head.  This News so changed the world of that day that our lives today, whether we know it or not, have been radically affected by this News.  It led to the creation of books (rather than scrolls), words separated by spaces, punctuation, upper and lower case lettering, universities, hospitals and even orphanages.

But even more fundamentally, this News profoundly changed the way people viewed themselves, others, life, death and God.  The Good News was known as The Gospel. It has won the allegiance of the hearts and minds of many since that era.

Today though, the word Gospel does not usually convey good news to our minds.  Many of us associate it with outdated superstitions or obsolete institutions, yet more of us associate it with very little.  It is not that we are antagonistic to it, but rather we do not understand it much.  We wonder, in our educated day, whether The Gospel is credible.  Other times we wonder if it has shackled human progress.  With our busy lives we have not had the time to consider what this News is all about.

The Good News is the message of the Bible. This is an ancient book with a long history that many do not know very well.

That is why we put this site together – to give us the opportunity to understand the Gospel in its Biblical story.  You may want to start with my story with the Gospel. Or perhaps look at the beginning of the Biblical story with Made in the Image of God.  If you wonder what the difference between the Good News of the Bible and Christian practices are, take a look here. This is one of the many questions this website sponsors.

I hope you will browse around, take time to assess, and participate in considering the Gospel.